What you will see in 90 minutes

Each BNI meeting lasts just 90 minutes. So what can you expect to see during that 90 minutes?

A structured BNI agenda that's repeated week-in, week-out in every chapter in the UK and across the world in 70 countries.

Doesn't sound that wonderful does it?

The 90 minutes meeting is just a celebration of what has happened between the member during the previous seven days, since the last meeting, and that's where the real magic happens.

You will see:

  • Spirit and humour (some us think we're funny anyway)
  • Knowledge and expertise in all kinds of different fields
  • An understanding of each other's jobs
  • Teamwork and eagerness to help and support
  • 27 members in differing sizes of business
  • A chapter turnover of £2470480 of invoiced business in the last 12 months
  • A great bunch of dedicated business professionals
90 minutes

What you will NOT see in 90 minutes

What you will see in each 90 minute meeting is a celebration of this week's efforts by the members. What you won't see is everything that those members have done behind the scenes during the week to get business for their fellow members.

What you won't see during the 90 minute meeting:

  • Certainly not the 12,000 members of BNI in the UK
  • We hope not the 220,000 worldwide members of BNI
  • The hundreds of 1-2-1 meetings where the chapter's members get to know in detail how they can help one another
  • The specific business referrals that will be asked for later in the meeting being researched, located and introduced to those that have asked for them
  • A BNI hour-of-power where members dedicate an hour to helping the other members of the group. It may be a full hour, it may be lots of five minute slots; whatever works
  • Visitor inviting. We're proud of our group but never just sell it. If you'd like to join us then great, if not, thank you for sharing what you do with us as we may be able to help you going forwards
  • Training such as Referral Marketing, Presentation Skills, Relationship Building, Networking Skills and even Mentoring
  • Other meetings such as the Ambassadors meeting, Regional POD Meeting, Team Building, Paintballing, a quick pint and the odd Regional or International Conference
  • The effort that goes into getting to Know, Like and Trust fellow members
  • The ability to be able to pick up the phone and say, “I need some help”

What you see in the BNI 90 minutes meeting we hope you enjoy and that it allows you to see the great business opportunity presented to you.

What happens outside of the weekly 90 minutes meeting, we hope you now better understand the scope of the overall opportunity and that this is where the real benefits lie.

What's the difference between a networking group and a referral network?

Simple... One usually involves lots of coffee and chatting, the other helps grow your business with genuine business introductions


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