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MO Management Consultancy can provide business owners and directors with experienced support in many areas to help their business grow in a cost effective way, which adds value to the bottom line.

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Due to events beyond our control last year, combined with personal issues I was dealing with and business expansion I eventually hit a wall.

Atypically of a (relatively) young man in business, I assumed asking for help was a sign of weakness, as if I should know immediately the answer to all different types of business issues. As confident as I am, I went into a bit of a shut down. After a 1-2-1 with Maisy I was given a clear, to the point plan to move forward. We have so far had the one session, and I must admit at times I felt like I should have been lay on a chair, whilst I was ranting and moaning about grievances in business, 'venting' my problems to somebody who understands. The best thing was the on the spot ideas Maisy put forward, as well as taking the sentiment out of each of my moans, then coming up with a concise plan of action.

Its early days, however with the fire back in my belly and Maisy's help I see a good road ahead. I look forward to our monthly sessions and can see them becoming bi-weekly as the business, and in turn challenges grow.

Thank you for your work so far Maisy, I really do appreciate it and look forward to working together in the future.

Danny Bland, Julian Bland Ltd

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