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With over 70 years experience in the construction and Civil Engineering industry, Owl Projects & Maintenance Ltd are a professional company that has a proven track record of completing various contracts not only on time but within budget for a impressive array of blue chip clients.

Using the combination of an experienced management structure team and a highly skilled and committed workforce Owl Projects & Maintenance Ltd has constantly achieved and maintained high standards to meet clients requirements.

Repeat orders are the best testament of a satisfied client, Owl Projects & Maintenance Ltd is proud to offer a continuous service to many of the leading Blue Chip companies industrial, commercial or within the public sector.

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A thank you for a quick response and a job well done - to Owl Construction. I had an insurance claim for a flooded kitchen in Nov 13.

The claim was delayed because of insurance companies slow response, meanwhile the rooms were wet and mold was starting to show on some of the wooden joists in the bathroom. I needed emergency drying of the property to enable remedial works to start.

I rang OWL on the Tuesday and by the Thursday Owl construction had arranged for 2 dehumidifiers to be installed to dry the property, after a couple of weeks the property was dry and OWL took the equipment away again, the remedial works could then be completed.

Frank Hurst, Concept Building Solutions

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