At BNI South Cheshire we are proud of the business we do. After all that's why we're all here right.

We track every piece of business that our chapter generates over a rolling 12 month period. By doing this we can determine how successful our chapter is and can immediately identify the value of each business and the related value of membership.

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BNI South Cheshire in 2012

Our aim for 2012 was to pass at least £1.2m worth of business
between our members · and we did it!

On Friday, 6th July 2012, BNI South Cheshire hit our first target major business target. We passed over ONE MILLION POUNDS worth of business between our members in a rolling 12 month period (July 2011 through to July 2012).

In 2012, BNI South Cheshire passed at least
£1.4m worth of business between our members

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2012 in Review · What a Year

The Start of 2012

At the start of 2012 we had 18 Members and an average referral value of £587

At The End of 2012

We passed an amazing £1,430,000 of invoiced business between our members during 2012.

£452,050 came from Cross Chapter work.

We passed 2,433 business referrals and had 755 1-2-1 meetings (that's nearly 20 each).


We had 179 visitors in 2012 and they picked up an amazing 148 business referrals (82% of visitors got business)

57% of all referrals were external referrals, showing that the majority of business is through business to external companies outside of our chapter.

The Second Half of 2012

As 2012 closed, we finished with 40 Members making us the first Flagship BNI chapter in Cheshire and North Wales

We passed £835,373 in the last six months of 2012 (58% of all the business, showing growth how we gew in the later half of the year)

535 of the 1-2-1's happenedin from July to December showing a 69% growth.

We passed 1,334 with an average referral value of £626 - all showing the growth of the chapter in the last six months of the year.


97 visitor came to see how BNI SOuth Cheshire could help their business and they picked up 55 referrals (that's over half of them at 57%)

Our Best Month

In November 2012 we passed a staggering £186,834

What BNI Membeship is Worth

At the end of 2012, the seat value for each member was £41,000 (based on last 6 month performance and with 40 members)


What's the difference between a networking group and a referral network?

Simple... One usually involves lots of coffee and chatting, the other helps grow your business with genuine business introductions


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